Wednesday, November 16, 2011

About Randi - Author of Paula Takes a Risk

 Randi, a native Californian, lives in San Francisco. With her tremendous grasp of the obvious, Randi has always had the ability to find humor in the mundane and share the laughter. Her imagination and sense of humor grew as she got older and became more confident. She dares to examine and discuss everyday foibles, which obliges people to stop taking themselves ...too seriously.

Writing jokes and stories has been a part of Randi’s life since she was a teenager. Eventually, she spent time performing stand-up comedy at Los Angeles club amateur nights and studied Improvisation in the bay area. Realizing that she preferred having an income, living indoors and eating regularly, she reluctantly put those dreams on hold and entered the corporate world, yet never left behind her sense of humor and creative storytelling ability, skills which were not always appreciated during budget and strategy meetings.

Now, after living indoors for a while and eating, albeit too much, her book, Paula Takes a Risk is being published. Her unique wit, writing style and candor will surely make the reader sit or stand up and take notice.

Randi would never claim to have a genius IQ, the body of a super model or always have the right thing to wear. However, she can spell the words, “smart” and “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Randi does have a model-like body that is cleverly concealed beneath twenty pounds of soft protective layering and she has the appetite of a bird. (By “bird” I mean vulture.) Her entire wardrobe consists of black, black and varying degrees of black, except for those items that are covered with lint because she put them through the wash with a tissue.
Things that Randi cannot live without: people to laugh with, her car horn, a gym membership where there are chubby women who break into a sweat while putting on a jog bra, wine, waist capes, and her partner, Carol.

Randi does not like mean-spirited people, liver, left-overs, communal dressing rooms, tight underwear, and people who point.

Randi is five-foot-seven.
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'Paula Takes a Risk' - Due out in March 2012


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