Monday, January 9, 2012

So, now Im the ruler of my destiny...and book pricing - for the novel Paula Takes A Risk

After the book is wrtten and content approved - then comes the pricing.....

After three more rounds of review, rereading my book umpteem times, second guessing my choice of words and story direction, cursing myself for not being a better student and having a larger more impressive, expansive vocabulary,  I finally signed off on the book content for Paula Takes A Risk.  (In my own defense the book with all of the million dollar words has already been written - its called the Dictionary. However, Webster's storyline is weak) 
I added a pithy "About the Author" page.
A few months ago I selected, approved and licensed the cover art.  Now were working on the pricing - There are a number of things to consider - page count, trim size - the fact that its a virtual unknown... it can be daunting. Sure, to me its a priceless treasure...
There are hard copy prices, softcopy, and ebooks.  
There is one price from the publishers and another for SRP - then there is a difference in royalties based on where readers buy the book.

Im excited. I should be nervous about making these decisions - Will this decision make the difference between a well received book and one that sells copies only to my immediate family?  Im not nervous,  I am so thrilled. Paula Takes a Risk should be available in March 2012

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