Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reading Between the Lines - from Randi M Sherman, the author of Paula Takes a Risk, Available March 2012

Reading Between the Lines 

Every Sunday morning, I look through the personal advertisements in the newspapers.  Like many other women, I am looking for an honest ad - a diamond in the rough.  Unfortunately, there is a lack of accuracy running rampant among the personal pages.  Sure, it’s easy to find blurbs about humorous, professionals with many hobbies and interests. No one ever describes himself as unattractive, flabby, unimaginative, boring, bitter, penniless, unromantic, living with his mother, lazy, insincere, humorless, or as a pain in the ass.  It’s perfectly understandable that each advertiser wants to present himself in the best light, as the most desireable, new and improved product available.  Act now!  But the fact remains, if a woman responds to the ad, a face to face meeting could take place and the truth would be revealed.  Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

When it comes to the personal description, how do we know what is fact, what is fiction and what is simply a weak grasp on reality?  For the most part, it is not the intention of the advertiser to mislead the reader.  He just uses creative words and snappy phrases to describe his attributes and interests and to entice the shopper enough so she will respond to the ad.

So, how does the reader decipher the verbiage used in a personal advertisement?  Does she just have to blindly move forward and take her chances?  No, not anymore. I have developed a cross-referencing matrix that can be used to interpret the language of the personal ads.  This tool has been designed to help the reader to read between the lines of the personal ad and translate the mystical language to uncover the true message.

When he says:
He means:
Let’s meet for coffee, long walks on the beach, camping, good conversation, quiet evenings at home
“ I do not have any money.”

Cuddly, Teddy Bear
“I’m morbidly obese and have hair on my back.”
Very Handsome
“My mother says I’m good looking.”
Family minded
“I have custody of the children.”
 “I don’t have a job and I live with my mother.”
“I’m under five foot five inches tall. “
Dry sense of humor
“I’m obnoxious.  I rub people the wrong way and I don’t care. I’m the only person, on earth, one who thinks that I’m funny.”
Harvard Grad in 1979
“I have not accomplished anything since 1979.”
Ivy League grad
“I’m smarter than you are.”
Young, active, energetic
“I’m 110 years old but I use hair-dye, wear a gold chain and have a prescription for Viagra.”
Spiritual, Devout Catholic, Buddist, Mormon or Religious Jew
“Be prepared to hear about it.”
No smoking, no drinking
“No fun.”
Loves Broadway shows
“I have homosexual tendencies.”
“I cry easily.  I will attach myself to you like a leach.  When you break up with me, I will make you feel guilty.”
Enjoys science and technology
“Be prepared to watch Star Trek tapes.”
Seeking Jewish woman, tall, thin, Sharon Stone look alike
“I’m completely unrealistic.”

Seeking life partner 
“I need a wife.  My laundry has taken over my apartment.”
Seeking open minded companion
“I’ve been to jail.”
Seeking female 21-65
“Please, anyone!  Answer this ad.”
Seeking non-professional
“I’m insecure and scare easily.”
Seeking kindhearted woman
“My first wife cleaned me out.”

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